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Epoxy Flooring

As one of the most affordable epoxy flooring companies in Dayton, Ohio we pride ourselves in providing high end services to all of our clients. Commercial epoxy is one of the hottest trends sweeping owners and designers alike because of the floors many unique and extraordinary qualities. Our licensed and experienced staff have produced high-quality results for years and they continue to exhibit excellence when it comes to our clients and their needs- your needs. If you’re ready to transform your floors into jaw dropping pieces of art, give us a call. Our professionals are ready to hear from you today!



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    Commercial Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

    Popular Epoxy Flooring systems

    Kitchens experience a lot of different types of foot-traffic, temperature changes, spills, and so much more, and that is why a commercial epoxy floor coating is the best choice. A commercial kitchen also needs to pass certain inspections and tests to ensure the cleanliness of the area, and when it is an epoxy flooring system, cleaning and keeping the floors clean has never been easier.
    The commercial kitchen flooring epoxy does not allow any spills from food or oils to be absorbed into the concrete’s pores, thus permitting you to simply wipe up your floors and keep the kitchen production intact. These commercial epoxy flooring systems also permit extensive temperature changes without damaging the floor even when there is high machine and food traffic in and out of the area. This is quite simply the best and easiest choice you could make for your floors.
    Do you have a garage that needs to be revamped, protected, or both? Commercial epoxy garage floor coating is an affordable trend you cannot afford to miss! With epoxy flooring systems you have the opportunity to truly liven up any commercial garage space you have. With virtually indestructible floors, you can turn a boring, smelly old garage into a jaw dropping, desirable, and incredibly unique location by simply giving us a call and speaking to one of our professionals.

    What are the benefits of Commercial Concrete Epoxy?

    Wherever you choose to install a commercial epoxy flooring system, whether it be in a retail shop, garage, business building, hospital, or school environment, you truly cannot go wrong. These floors are quick and affordable, and when you choose us, you are receiving the highest quality of materials.

    Commercial Concrete Floor Epoxy


    Regardless of where you choose to install these naturally elegant floors, they will brighten up any room with their glossy finish. Your floors are the first impression you can give someone walking into your space and professional commercial epoxy flooring shows customers and visitors alike how truly exquisite your space is. They are also highly customizable, so if you have a specific idea, vision, or color scheme in mind, let us know and we will bring it all to life.

    Commercial Epoxy Dayton Ohio


    Commercial epoxy flooring is not only beautiful but strong as well. These floors are created to withstand high impact, heavy foot-traffic, chemicals, and spills. If your current concrete floor needs to be protected, a commercial epoxy floor coating is the best route for you to take. Once the coating is applied and ready for use not even the toughest wear and tear will be able to penetrate the coating’s surface, keeping your floors safe and strong.

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring


    One of the most popular benefits of an epoxy floor is the ability to make it slip-resistant. By adding aggregates that can reduce the about of slippage when wet, your floors instantly become less of a hazard in busy areas where wet or slippery floors aren’t always noticed until it’s too late. These floors are almost glass like in appearance because they are so smooth, therefore, in heavily used areas they become very important.

    Commercial Epoxy Floor Contractors


    Commercial epoxy flooring systems, when installed professionally, last for decades at a time and essentially pay for themselves. Epoxy floor coatings protect the concrete underneath by creating a barrier between your concrete and the outside world. Typical issues, like wear and tear, cracking, pealing, staining, and fading aren’t issues when you choose an epoxy flooring system, thus allowing you to go much longer before having to repair your floors. When done but anyone other than a professional you risk throwing away a lot of money, so give us a call, give your wallet a break, and invest in your future.

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Installers


    Paying $3-$15 per square foot is a deal you just can’t pass up. With significantly lower pricing than other flooring systems, commercial epoxy flooring in Dayton, Ohio will last you longer than any other flooring you may be thinking about. Especially when handled by professionals, you will not find better floors with this kind of pricing. What makes them so worthwhile? With their ability to last for years and the installation process so incredibly affordable, epoxy flooring was made for you.

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services

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    Home owner or business owner, we are here for you. Our professionals install epoxy flooring in many different areas around Ohio. If you’re looking for new flooring, check our service areas below:
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