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Epoxy Flooring

We are quick, efficient, professional, and affordable, so if you’re looking for a new flooring system, you’ve come to the right place. As one of the best epoxy flooring companies in the state of Ohio, we want you to jump on the trend that is sweeping business owners around the country. Industrial epoxy flooring systems are truly irresistible once you know more about them, and the best part about these floors is how cost-effective they are. If you’re looking to elongate your concrete’s lifespan, liven up the area, and install a durable floor, then give us a call today.



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    Epoxy Floor Coatings Industrial

    What is Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    Even though the first noticeable characteristics of epoxy floors are its looks: beautiful, elegant, smooth, glossy, glass like, and reflective, these floors are so much more. With underlying qualities like longevity, durability, strength, endurance, and flexibility, it is no surprise why owners and designers all over the country are professionally installing these floors.
    When installing an epoxy flooring system, our professional installers first test the area for a number of things like moisture, temperature, and residual oils left behind on the concrete. Tests like these that require professional expertise, should not be attempted with DIY kits because if not done 100% correctly, your floors have less of a chance of truly being protected. Once all of those boxes have been checked the application of resin and hardener are applied to your concrete surface, thus allowing the curing process to being, and ends with a strong glass looking protection over your slab of concrete. Once the thick layer of resistant coating has been finished, your industrial concrete will no longer be vulnerable to the damages that previously wore, stained, and damaged it. The resistance created by proper installation is the reason why epoxy floors last so incredibly long, essentially returning the investment you first made on it. If you’re ready to protect and liven up your floors, give us a call right now.

    Why should you choose Industrial Epoxy Flooring systems?

    The benefits of these floors offer you decades of use and will look beautiful while they’re there. No matter where you’re thinking about installing these epoxy floors, you can’t go wrong, and its east to do. Just give us a call. Industrial epoxy floors can withstand even the toughest of wear and tear, and below are a number of benefits these floors offer:

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring Dayton

    Easy on Machinery

    When you work in an industrial setting and are surrounded by heavy and expensive machinery you need your floors to be forgiving; meaning, industrial epoxy floor coating is important to have in order to provide a smooth surface that is gentle on machines and to avoid expensive replacement of those machines. With an even surface free of cracks and dips, your machinery will need less replacement.

    Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

    Easy Maintenance

    Cleaning your floors has never been this easy. Once the industrial epoxy coating has set and cured with your concrete it has created a barrier between the outside world and your concrete; therefore, chemicals, oils, water, and other damaging substances cannot leak into your floor’s pores. This resistance is only created by industrial grade epoxy floor coating. We do recommend a daily sweep of your floors to avoid any scratches made by harmful debris but deep cleans and scrubbing are not necessary to keep your areas stunning and polished.

    Commercial Epoxy Floor Paint

    Keep Your Concrete New

    When you choose an epoxy flooring system you are choosing an industrial floor repair epoxy, which means, you can keep your slab of concrete without having to replace it. Our professionals will inspect for cracks, scratches, wear and tear, and any stained areas before installing the epoxy coating system. Once your concrete has been repaired to the best it can be, we will set the foundation for epoxy flooring. This allows you to get as many years out of your slab of concrete as possible.

    Floor Epoxy Industrial


    When you choose to go with an epoxy flooring system you have the opportunity to choose a completely new design for your floors. With a variety of coatings available you can choose designs, colors, and visual effects that can transform your warehouse or garage from boring to amazing. You can customize your floors to have the look of sheen and shine, elegance, or all of the above. Give us a call today to get started.

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring Systems


    Don’t let these beautiful floors fool you because they are the toughest in the business, and will not let you down. When the industrial grade epoxy cures with your concrete it cuts off the porous qualities that your slab naturally has, thus enhancing its strengths, and providing you with a strong and resistant flooring system. With the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, high foot-traffic, and chemical spills, it is no wonder these floors are highly sought after.



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