As one of the most professional, responsive, and affordable companies in Dayton, we proudly service our clients with the best business around. Our contractors are licensed and proficient but most importantly, they’re budget-friendly and are projects results are proof. Let us help you transform your floors into ones that will last, have a beauty that goes unmatched, and are the easiest option you will make. When professionally installed wood stamped concrete flooring provides all of the benefits of a wood floor and none of its cons.



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    Wood Stamped Concrete

    Professionally Installed Wood Concrete

    When you’re shopping for new floors, don’t waste your time on real wood floors, because they won’t last. Wood floors will not pass the test of time, the use of everyday life, nor will they be able to forgo their cleans and treatments. That is why stamped wood concrete is your best option because these floors will pass the test of time, they are resistant to everyday life uses, and they do not require deep cleans or constant treatment. Decorative floors, like wood concrete, has become the “go-to” for residential and commercial spaces because of their fantastic abilities.
    The wood illusion on concrete is produced by creating an imprint with stamps that have the marks of real wood before the concrete finishes setting. With the most realistic product you will receive, we can produce any type of plank, look, shine, or color you’re looking for your floors. It is crucial that your floors be installed by a licensed professional to prevent any peeling, cracking, or fading. Many will attempt a DIY kit and they will fail because in the end without proper installation you will be forced to replace your flooring and then have it redone. Succeed the first time and give us a call.

    Why Choose Wood Stamped Concrete?

    Both residential and commercial areas can enjoy the benefits of wood stamped concrete floor. When your floor lasts for decades, is resistant to every possible abrasion, and doesn’t need constant deep cleaning and replacement, you really can’t go wrong. It really is easy, just give us a call and speak to one of our professionals. We are ready to answer your questions, today!
    Wood Floor Epoxy

    Budget Friendly

    The materials required to create your wood stamped concrete are a fraction of what the materials would be if you wanted real wood installed. Also, when you choose to stamp your concrete to resemble wood, you are reusing the same concrete that has already been lain. When properly installed your floors will outlast any wood floor, meaning, you will save money on repairs and replacement.

    Concrete Floors That Look Like Wood


    Real concrete requires a strict regime of cleans, scrubs, and treatments to maintain a pristine and beautiful look. These cleans are crucial to the wood floors longevity; however, with wood concrete, that is simply not the case. You receive all of the benefits of less manual labor and more shine. Concrete wood floors also offer the benefit of keeping all of the debris on the top of the surface, thus, allowing you to simply need to sweep or mop regularly. Concrete wood flooring doesn’t require intensive care treatments to stay at its best.

    Concrete That Looks Like Wood


    Because concrete would floors have an extra layer of a sealant, they last for over 20 years. The top layer of coating on wood stamped concrete floors provides a barrier between chemical spills, water, wear and tear, and harmful debris and your concrete. Concrete is naturally very porous so when you stamp it to make it look like concrete you are ensuring your concretes durability.

    Concrete Wood

    Quick and Clean

    When you choose a wood stamped concrete flooring system you are allowing our professionals to restore your current concrete back to its younger years. When we don’t have to demolish your concrete to install any new materials you are saving days of planning and working. If you’re in a time crunch and needs your space back quickly, then this is the flooring option for you. Fewer materials and our professionals, your floors will be completed quickly and cleanly.

    Stamped Concrete That Looks Like Wood

    Commercial & Residential

    Whether you’re looking for home installation or a retail, lobby, or business installation, we can help. Enjoying the durability, longevity, and elegance concrete wood provides is not limited to home projects. If you’re thinking about a wood-concrete floor, give us a call today. Installing concrete wood floors in kitchens, bedrooms, living room, or dining rooms for our residential clients is just as beneficial as when we install wood concrete in commercial settings like retail shops, businesses, or offices.


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