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Concrete Resurfacing

Your concrete has seen better days. When it was new, it looked great but now it’s an eyesore that detracts from your curb appeal. The good news is you don’t need to replace aging, cracked, or stained concrete. American Dynamic Coatings offers several cost-effective solutions to resurface existing concrete in Dayton to make it look even better than new. Depending on the solution you choose, we can give your concrete new texture and color or even make it look like a different material completely. We serve commercial and residential clients with reliable concrete resurfacing, including decorative options.



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    Concrete Resurfacing

    What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

    It’s a common misconception that stained, cracked concrete with surface imperfections needs to be removed and replaced. The truth is there are many solutions to resurface existing concrete which means giving it a new surface area with a new texture and color. There are many options available to renovate aging patios, driveways, pool decks, and interior floors ranging from basic resurfacer products that create a new gray or stained surface to concrete overlays and coatings.
    Concrete resurfacing can make your concrete look amazing and new but it can’t fix underlying issues. The good news is most concrete is a good candidate for resurfacing as long as it’s in good structural condition
      No matter which type of Dayton concrete resurfacing solution you choose, your concrete surface will need to be prepared beforehand. This may include:

    • Power washing to remove debris, stains, and mildew
    • Stain treatment to lift oil and gas stains
    • Crack repair
    • Repair of holes with epoxy mortar
    • Diamond grinding or shotblasting for a coating to profile the surface and open the concrete’s pores
    • Primer application to create a strong surface for the new product to bind to

    Dayton Concrete Resurfacing Services

    American Dynamic Coatings is one of the leading concrete resurfacing companies in Greater Dayton. We offer a range of resurfacing solutions for commercial and residential concrete, including exterior and interior concrete resurfacing. Whether your concrete is just showing mild wear and tear or it needs a more comprehensive resurfacing solution, we can help.
    Concrete Floor Resurfacing

    Concrete Polymer Resurfacing

    The most basic concrete resurfacing service involves the use of a cement overlay fortified with polymer resins. A basic concrete resurfacer is applied over your existing concrete to give it a new surface and make it look like new again. Resurfacing products are a darker gray color but can be modified with tints for a custom look. We always recommend a resurfacing product applied over the entire concrete surface for a new, clean look.

    Concrete Resurfacing Near Me

    Stamped Concrete Overlay

    When your concrete starts to show its age, you don’t need to settle for an overlay that makes it look like it did when it was new: a boring gray slab. A stamped concrete overlay is a dramatic form of interior and exterior concrete resurfacing in Dayton that can make your old concrete look like a beautiful new surface. A concrete overlay is applied to the surface then stamped and stained to create the look and texture of another material like pavers, wood planks, brick, flagstone, and more.

    Rubberized Floor Coating

    Rubberized Concrete Coatings

    Want a robust solution to both protect your concrete and give it a new appearance? A rubber concrete floor coating is a long-lasting solution that’s completely waterproof and strong enough for indoor and outdoor use. This concrete floor resurfacing system is slip-resistant and withstands chemicals, water, extreme temperature, and impact which makes it ideal for a garage or harsh industrial setting.

    Epoxy Floor Coating

    Epoxy Concrete Coatings

    As long as your concrete is in good structural condition, it is probably a good candidate for an epoxy concrete resurfacer. Our concrete resurfacing contractors will repair and prep your concrete with shotblasting or diamond grinding then apply a multi-layer epoxy concrete coating system. An epoxy floor coating is a cost-effective interior concrete resurfacing solution that protects your concrete floors and delivers a seamless, nonporous, and incredibly robust floor system. This concrete floor resurfacing system is also highly decorative with endless design options to complement your garage, basement, or business.

    Concrete Epoxy Coatings

    Sawcutting & Staining Concrete

    If your concrete is in fairly good condition aside from mild to moderate imperfections like hairline cracks and small repairs, you may not need a coating or overlay. After carefully cleaning the concrete and lifting stains, our concrete resurfacing contractors can apply your choice of concrete stains to give the surface beautiful luminous tones to even mimic the look of wood, leather, and marble. Scoring or sawcutting can also be used on existing concrete to add decorative patterns like shapes, straight lines, diamonds, and more. Staining and sawcutting alone are only recommended if your concrete is free of more serious issues like spalling, structural cracks, or chips.

    Concrete Resurfacing Services

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    Areas we serve

    American Dynamic Coatings offers comprehensive concrete resurfacing solutions to fit your needs, whether you need a robust commercial concrete floor or you want to give your patio, pool deck, or garage a decorative new look. We offer a large service area extending throughout Dayton, OH and Fort Wayne, IN. Our service areas include:
    Our Service Areas:
    • Dayton
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