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As one of the leading epoxy floor coating installers in the Dayton area, we pride ourselves in high quality work. Our epoxy garage floors are high performing floors that will certainly satisfy any need you have for your garage. We are the most inexpensive, professional, and highly experienced team in the Dayton area. Our installers know how important it is to provide high end customer service, our workmanship and final products will not disappoint. A garage floor epoxy coating should not burn a hole in your budget, with us you get low-end prices for high-end products.
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    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Garage Epoxy Coating Installation

    To properly install an epoxy coating there are important steps that must be taken before the installation process can begin. It is important to hire a professional to assess the condition your concrete is in, if there are any repairs that need to be made, and how old the concrete may be are important factors prior to installing an epoxy coating. When a professional evaluates your floors, cracks, chips, and broken edges are repaired as well as all previous grease, oil, and coating residue are washed away. It is important that your concrete garage floor is clean before an epoxy coating is installed because any of the previously mentioned factors could hinder a proper chemical reaction. Checking the areas temperature is highly recommended because if it happens to be unfavorable your epoxy floor will bubble and begin to peel away.
    In the end, if you want an epoxy coating to properly cure with your garage concrete floor there are important steps that need to be taken, and those steps can only be adequately accomplished by a professional. As the liquid hardens and penetrates your concretes pores, it creates a protective layer between the outside world and the vulnerable concrete. Concrete, without the protection of an epoxy coating, is highly susceptible to damages. There are different designs, textures, and features you can install with a new garage epoxy coating for your floor.
    Epoxy garage floor coatings are the most popular option, for any garage in the Dayton area, we know what you need. Give us a call and make your dream garage floor a reality.

    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Benefits

    An epoxy garage floor coating offers you a whole new perspective on what you thought long-lasting, affordable, and durable floors are. An epoxy coating is one of the best decisions for decoration, safety, and budgeting. Our Dayton team is experienced and ready to satisfy all of your flooring needs today. Below are only some of the benefits an epoxy coating offers you and your garage, for more information about a possible garage epoxy coating, give us a call!
    Dayton Garage Floor Epoxy


    An epoxy garage floor coating has the ability to transform an ordinary dull space into a masterpiece.

    An epoxy coating provides a look of elegance that cannot be duplicated by any other flooring solution because along with beauty an epoxy floor is also durable. An epoxy floor can brighten up any garage with its high gloss finish by reflecting the light in the area.

    There are different options when installing an epoxy garage floor coating, decorative options that can turn a glass life epoxy floor into a work of true art with different textures, designs, and patterns to choose from.

    Garage Epoxy


    When compared to other options in the flooring market, an epoxy floor coating, per square foot, is much more affordable. It is an incredible floor that offers a low-price tag not only for installation but for many years to come.

    With low repairs and maintenance demands, an epoxy garage floor coating will not require a separate budget to keep it beautiful.

    Having a professional install your floors ensures that the cost-effectiveness of the floor is up help because a poorly installed floor is more expensive to remove and replace than you would pay for it to be done correctly the first time.

    Garage Epoxy Dayton


    An epoxy garage floor coating is resistant to essentially anything it is going to be exposed too. Its resistant qualities are one of the reasons why it tends to last for so long, shock, heat, chemical, and water-resistant. An epoxy garage floor coating is importantly water-resistant, which means your naturally absorbent concrete floor will not be susceptible to mold, mildew, or other bacteria that could compromise your entire garage. Heat resistance is important in a garage, this prevents levels of extreme temperature change to negatively impact not only your garage but your entire home. Chemicals are not able to break down the solid epoxy garage floor coating, therefore, they cannot damage your concrete floor. Oil, vehicle fluids, and others will not stain or damage your floors. Shock resistance is important because if your garage contains heavy tools or objects, accidentally dropping these items will not harm your floors.

    Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

    Long-lasting Protection

    An epoxy garage floor coating can last for decades because of its durability. Its longevity plays a large role in why it is highly affordable. Because the epoxy coating chemically cures with your concrete, it protects the concrete from damage and wear and tear. The concretes surface cannot be stained, scratched, or cracked because the epoxy coating is a strong chemically reacted barrier. Another reason an epoxy floor garage coating is a practical and affordable option.

    Garage Epoxy Coating


    One of the most popular advantages of an epoxy coating, other than its affordability, is the simple fact that it is the easiest floor to maintain throughout all of its years. Dust, debris, dirt, grease, and grime all are kept on the epoxy floors surface eliminating the need to scrub or maintain a strict cleaning regime. An epoxy floor can easily be wiped or mopped without back-breaking disinfecting. The glass-like resilient floor creates a seamless surface that is easy to clean and just as easy to maintain.

    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

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