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A basement can give your home valuable square footage and additional living space. Of course, it can also be little more than dusty, dark, and musty storage space. If you’re ready to finish your basement with a low-cost and durable floor system, American Dynamic Coatings can help. An epoxy coating for concrete basement floors in Dayton, Ohio is one of the most practical basement flooring systems available. Epoxy flooring can withstand moisture, abrasion, impact, spills, and more and last for decades with minimal care. Our experienced epoxy floor coating contractors have years of experience and use only commercial-grade products to deliver superior results that surpass your expectations.
It’s time to see the real potential of your basement. Here’s what you should know about an epoxy basement floor.



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    epoxy coating for concrete basement floors

    Basement Epoxy Floor Coatings in Dayton

    Basement epoxy is a liquid-applied floor system that’s applied in multiple layers over prepared concrete. Epoxy doesn’t dry; it cures into an incredibly strong plastic material bonded to the concrete substrate. Once fully cured, a basement epoxy coating can withstand anything you throw at it from pet nails and accidents to moisture, dropped objects, spills, and abrasion.
    American Dynamic Coatings uses only commercial-grade basement concrete floor epoxy in Dayton to deliver beautiful, custom results that last. Our basement epoxy installers can achieve any look you want for your basement from a sleek, solid color or classic checkerboard pattern to epoxy flake flooring and stunning metallic basement epoxy.

    Benefits of an Epoxy Basement Floor

    You have many floor options when finishing your basement. Unlike carpet, laminate, and engineered wood, basement epoxy offers long-lasting durability and resilience against water and other hazards. Here’s why basement epoxy is a smart investment in your home.
    Basement Epoxy Floor Coating

    Unbeatable Durability

    A basement floor epoxy coating bonds with your concrete floor and creates an incredibly resilient surface that holds up to even the most demanding environments. Basement epoxy is a pet-friendly floor system that withstands pet nails and accidents without stains or damage. It can also withstand moisture, spills, abrasion, and everyday wear and tear without showing its age.

    Basement Concrete Floor Epoxy Sealer

    Waterproof Flooring

    One of the biggest benefits of a basement floor epoxy coating is it creates a waterproof barrier over your concrete. This can stop moisture from seeping up through the concrete slab while protecting the concrete from water damage and stains. You won’t need to worry about replacing your basement floor if your basement suffers water damage or high humidity. This is why epoxy is often used in basement waterproofing.

    Basement Concrete Floor Epoxy


    Want to finish your basement without a major investment An epoxy floor in a finished basement is a cost-effective investment that pays off. Basement epoxy has a low installation cost compared to other floor systems and outperforms standard floor products with its minimal care requirements and long life of up to 20-25 years. Finishing your basement with a waterproof basement epoxy coating can even boost your home’s value.

    Basement Concrete Floor Epoxy

    Low Maintenance

    You don’t need to do much to keep your epoxy basement floor in Dayton looking and performing its best. Your basement floor only needs to be swept and mopped as needed. Most cleaning products without acidic ingredients are safe to use on epoxy. You won’t even need to worry about concrete dusting again with a nonporous and seamless surface that won’t hide dirt and grime.

    Basement Epoxy floor coating

    Custom Appearance

    No matter how you envision your new basement floor, American Dynamic Coatings can make it a reality with custom basement epoxy in Dayton, Ohio. Our epoxy contractors have years of experience working with epoxy to create any look you’re going for. Epoxy comes in endless colors and its appearance can be customized with sophisticated and attractive options like epoxy flake with colored flakes that resemble granite or metallic basement epoxy which delivers a 3D, pearlescent effect similar to marble, flowing water, lava, storm clouds, and much more.

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    Basement Floor Epoxy Coating

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