We are one of the leading epoxy floor installers in the greater Ohio area for our innovative epoxy floor coatings. No matter if you are a homeowner who just wants an epoxy garage floor coating or if you are an owner of an industrial facility who needs a flooring that withstands an extremely harsh environment, we have a solution for you.
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    Epoxy Flooring

    How epoxy is installed

    We use a multi-stage process that we have used for decades and has proven it works. It begins with the tedious prep of your concrete slab. Our epoxy flooring contractors use a special material that will fill all cracks to halt any growth of the crack and ensure a strong bond is formed. The next step is a diamond wheel grind or shot blasting which profiles the concrete and opens pores for a stronger bond with our epoxy resin. If there was any previous coating in the area you wish to epoxy, it will need to be removed by diamond wheel or shot blast for superior bonding.
    After the diamond wheel grinding or shot blasting, the area will be cleaned and a high-grade epoxy primer will be applied to the concrete for further strengthening in the bond. The next step is the fun part, depending on which type of epoxy you choose, we will either roll on the epoxy like paint or use a squeegee.
    If you want to take a decorative approach, we can use different colors, metallic pigments, and even place logos into the base coats of your epoxy flooring. After all coats all complete and up to par with your specifications, the final step is a glossy clear coat which adds a “wow” factor in most cases. Epoxy is a self-leveling flooring system so no matter what, your epoxy flooring will be straight as an arrow!

    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

    Whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial epoxy flooring offers a lot to love. With supreme durability, stain resistance and a long lifetime anyone and everyone stands something to gain from this floor coating. We believe that our neighbors in the greater Ohio area deserve the best performance that a flooring system can offer at an affordable price, and here at American Dynamic Coatings, that is exactly what we plan to do for you! Below are what our epoxy floor coatings are best known for!
    Epoxy Concrete Floor

    Damage resistance

    Our epoxy floor coatings are among the top damage resistant flooring options if not the most durable flooring option on the market. We can give your household or business trust in your flooring as our epoxy floor coatings resist scuff marks, impacts, and stains. Not only is the actual epoxy resin strong, but it makes the concrete slab up to 300 percent strong and last typically 2-3 times longer. This is because the epoxy resin acts as a safety net for your concrete, not allowing any moisture or even heavy impact from affecting your slab.

    Epoxy Floor Coating Tulsa

    Long lifetime

    Epoxy floor coatings outlast any other traditional floor coating by a long shot, even in the harshest environments you wish to apply it in. Many homeowners and industrial facility owners in Ohio have reported flooring lasting 20 years and sometimes even longer! The common misconception of epoxy floorings not lasting a very long time derive from the surface not being properly prepared and low-quality DIY kits. Our epoxy floor installers only use the highest grade material on the market and have decades of combined experience so you can rest assured that your epoxy floor coating will last decades!

    Epoxy Flooring Companies

    Short downtime

    Here at American Dynamic Coatings, we understand how important your flooring is to your operation whether it be your garage or your warehouse. Time is money and we have ways of working around the way you conduct business and live. For our residential clients, we can have your flooring ready for foot traffic in 24 hours after application and 72 hours your surface will be life-proof. For our commercial and industrial clients, we can work around your schedule and have specially formulated epoxy floor coatings that can be ready for foot traffic in as little as one hour!

    Epoxy Flooring Dayton

    Easy to maintain

    The benefit that all of our clients love is how easy it is to maintain an epoxy floor coating. Without the need for any polishes or waxes, all you need for maintenance is a soft bristle broom or dust mop and a standard mop! For a lightly soiled floor and that is required is a simple sweep and mop. For a more soiled floor simply sweep any loose debris and hose down the epoxy flooring and use a stiff bristle nylon brush to lift any miscoloring and no matter how dirty, your floor will look like new!

    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating


    If you think that epoxy flooring has to be a bland and boring surface to make way for all the other great benefits, you are wrong. Epoxy flooring can be customized to your heart’s content with an endless selection, colors, metallic pigments and even a logo of your favorite sports team in your man cave or your companies logo in a storefront. No matter how you design your epoxy floor coating in Ohio, you will make your neighbors and competition green with envy over the epoxy floor coating that came straight from your imagination!

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