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Are you tired of your garage being a bland, dusty, or just plain ugly? Well, here at American Dynamic Coatings we have the knowledge and materials to transform your garage into an area of performance and beauty. Our garage epoxy flooring can bring a clean, sleek and modern look to your garage all while being extremely durable, resistant to stains and last decades all at an affordable price! If you want to learn a little more about our product in Celine Ohio, please keep reading!



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    Professional Installation

    Our garage floor epoxy installers have decades of combined experience that results in a tedious multi-stage process that is installing your garage floor epoxy. It all starts with the filling of any cracks with a specially formulated material that stops the growth of the crack. once the crack filler has fully dried we continue on to the process of diamond wheel grinding or a process called shot blasting.
    This process opens the pores and profiles the concrete slab which allows the resin to seep into the slab, resulting in a better bond. If there is already an existing coating, it will also need to be removed by a diamond wheel or shot blasting in most cases. The next step is applying an epoxy primer to the concrete to allow an even better resin bond to the concrete. Next, there will be a base coat of several layers of high-grade epoxy for superior protection of your concrete slab. This is the point where the magic happens, we can insert colors, metallic pigments and even your favorite sports teams logo into your epoxy! If you know your garage will prone to moisture, we can use chips that will add texture and better traction. The final step is a clear coat that will keep your garage floor epoxy coating like new for decades to come!

    Why garage floor epoxy is right for you

    Homeowners love our garage floor epoxy no matter what their garage is used for. The at-home mechanics and hobbyists love how much harm our garage floor epoxy can take without diminishing its look. Even average Joe loves his garage floor epoxy for its one of a kind look as well as how easy it is to clean and maintain. No matter your circumstances, we believe you will fall in love with our floor coating. Below are a few reasons why everyone in Ohio loves our garage floor epoxy!
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    No matter what you throw at our garage floor epoxy coatings they will shine like new. We only use the latest and greatest materials that are available on the market so you get the most performance out of your flooring. With an epoxy garage floor coating, your concrete will stand up to impacts from heavy objects, be scuff resistant, and even resist harsh chemicals. We bring the performance of an industrial facility to your home so no matter what you’ll have peace of mind that your flooring won’t let you down no matter what.

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    Worry free flooring

    Epoxy garage floor coatings have been rightfully named the worry-free flooring because no matter what you spill on it you won’t have to worry. Garage floor epoxy resists stains from the nastiest chemicals and organic substances you have. Garage floor epoxy in Ohio doesn’t require any type of polishing or waxes to keep its shiny appearance, all you need for maintenance is a dust mop and a standard mop for the average cleanup! For a more soiled floor, just sweep any debris and hose down with a garden hose and use a stiff brush to lift any material!

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Superior lifetime

    Garage epoxy has been tested and proven to last decades in even the harshest environments. With a professional install, some clients flooring has lasted 20 plus years! Not only does the garage epoxy flooring last longer than most people have the same car, it substantially increases the life and strength of your concrete slab. With a garage epoxy flooring your concrete slab will last 2-3 times longer and be up to 300 percent stronger than bare concrete! We believe in our product, so we offer a 1-year warranty with all jobs!

    Professional Garage Floor Epoxy

    Endless design options

    Our team of epoxy garage floor installers have a passion for creating works of art with our flooring system. We offer an ample amount of colors, designs, and even metallic pigments. We are able to turn your dark, boring and dusty garage into a bright, beautiful and sleek space that you will actually enjoy being in. With so many different ways to customize your garage floor epoxy, no two garages will be the same. No matter how you choose to customize your epoxy garage floor coating in Ohio, your neighbors are sure to be green with envy!

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    Fast install times

    Here at American Dynamic Coatings, we understand how important it is that you have your garage up and running as fast as possible. With an epoxy garage floor coating, your garage will be ready for use faster than most people think. After our preparation process is complete and the final coat of epoxy is laid down, your garage will be ready for light foot traffic in at least 24 hours. After 72 hours your garage floor will be at maximum strength, being ready for vehicle traffic and you will have a life proof flooring system!

    Garage Epoxy Flooring Services

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    Areas we serve

    Our garage floor epoxy contractors are ready to assist you on your project today! If you want a pro on your side and live in the greater Ohio area, there is a good chance we got you covered. Here are the cities we are proud to serve:
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