Concrete polishing is a task best performed by a professional who knows how to properly finish your floors. As one of the most professional, efficient, and affordable concrete polishing companies in Dayton, our contractors are trained and licensed. Polished concrete floors have become incredibly popular among home and business owners who are looking for unique designs. The best part about our concrete polishing service is that it is easy, just pick up the phone and give us a call, our professional team is waiting to hear from you. We want to make your vision for your floors come to life. We are proud to serve you and cater to your concrete floor polishing needs!



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    Our installation and pricing have multiple variables that truly require you to provide us with more simple information but information only you would know about your floors. For instance, to determine a price for your concrete, whether it is industrial polished concrete or commercial polished concrete, our contractors will need to know how large space is because this will determine how much per square foot. Following the size of the concrete slab, we will need to know what condition your concrete is in. Meaning, how extensive is the damage we will need to repair: cracks, scratches, surface issues, and wear and tear that needs to be addressed. These small details can change the quote we give you but don’t worry, our professionals can easily give you a quote when these few questions have been answered.
    Finally, we will need to know how much shine you are looking for, and then the process of installing your new and improved polished concrete. The level of grinding for the level of shine you are looking for is one of the most important factors in determining pricing and installation. Luckily, our professionals will be able to give you a much more specific price after speaking with you and looking over the area they will be polishing. It is no wonder polished concrete has become one of the hottest trends for interior design! It’s easy, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing, all you have to do is give us a call to get started.

    Why Choose Concrete Polishing?

    Business owners, homeowners, and industrial owners all have one common factor, floors are important. Your floors should offer you indisputable benefits that return your investment, make your days easier, and last for years on end. An easily maintained floor can do wonders in highly used areas, polished concrete offers these:
    Polished Concrete Floor


    When homeowners, business owners, and industrial space owners choose to polish their existing concrete, they reduce the number of materials needed to produce a beautiful floor. A reduction in required materials for any project reduces the overall price of the job because it also reduces the amount of manual labor. Ultimately, the longevity and strong resistance polished concrete floors offer also lowers long-term costs that naturally arise with floors for upkeep and any other forms of maintenance. For more information on pricing, give us a call!

    Polished Concrete Contractors

    Long Life-Span

    Most flooring systems need replacement every couple of years and require strict treatments and work to keep them strong and up to date; however, polished concrete floors do not require so much handiwork because they are resistant to common damages like simple everyday use that cannot be avoided. Other floors require cleaning chemicals and deep cleans that take up time but when you choose concrete polishing, your floors last longer with minimal treatments and easy care.

    Polished Concrete Contractors


    Concrete polished floors are incredibly easy to maintain and never require intensive sessions of deep cleans. Debris stays on the surface without permeating into the concrete’s pores allowing you to simply give your floors a quick sweep on a daily basis. Due to their extreme durability, concrete polished floors do not harbor dust or dirt making them insanely easy to keep clean with adding extra stress or work on you. Resistance to stains and spills a simple mop or broom is all you need.

    Polished Concrete Contractors


    Whether your polished concrete floor is for a residential, commercial, or industrial property it will be highly strong and durable against high foot-traffic areas, spills, moisture, and abrasions. These floors can stand up against even the harshest of conditions in many various settings, thus, saving you the number of future replacements or fixes. If you have an area that handles heavy loads, a lot of foot-traffic, quite a few spills, or if you’re ready to try something new, give us a call and schedule your appointment today.

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    Floors are one of the first things that catches the eyes of any guest, customer, client, or passerby. Polishing your concrete guarantees double looks because they’re simply beautifully hard to miss. Color and design are something you and your contractor will have to discuss to accomplish your goals for your floors, but it is not out of the question. They’re beautiful anywhere and in any setting: hospitals, schools, showrooms, stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, and homes. If you’re ready to make this simple and easy change, give us a call right now!

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