Pool Deck Resurfacing

When your pool deck is showing its age, it’s time to take action before the damage only gets worse. Pool deck resurfacing can transform your dated or eyesore concrete pool deck with beautiful new color and texture. Whether you want your pool deck to look like new or you want a dramatic new look like slate, tile, wood, or a colorful coating, you can count on American Dynamic Coatings for superior customer service and beautiful results that last.



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    Resurfacing Pool Deck

    Give Your Pool New Life and Color

    Bothered by a once pristine pool deck that has turned into a stained and cracked eyesore? Swimming pool deck resurfacing in Dayton is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your concrete. You don’t need to be embarrassed to have a pool party; resurfacing can give your concrete new color and texture with amazing new style.
    American Dynamic Coatings offers concrete pool deck resurfacing that costs just a fraction of what you would pay to replace your concrete. Even better, you can choose from dozens of decorative options to get the look and feel of a custom high-end pool deck at a fraction of the cost. Whether you want a richly stained concrete pool deck, the beauty of pavers or flagstone, or a colorful concrete coating, you can count on our concrete resurfacing contractors for beautiful and reliable results.

    Pool Deck Resurfacing Options in Dayton, OH

    You don’t need to just put up with a cracked, stained, and aging concrete pool deck that detracts from your otherwise beautiful poolscape. You have invested a lot in your pool so it only makes sense to keep it looking its best. American Dynamic Coatings offers plenty of solutions to transform concrete pool decks.
    Pool Deck Repair

    Acrylic Concrete Coatings

    Acrylic pool deck resurfacing in Dayton, OH is one of the most affordable ways to renovate an aging pool deck. An acrylic pool deck coating is a low-cost yet versatile and attractive solution. A thin coating of acrylic or a polymer concrete with acrylic resin is applied over your concrete to give it a new texture and color while masking repairs and fine cracks. Acrylic offers great resistance to fading from UV exposure and pool chemicals. Our experienced pool deck resurfacing experts make it easy to get a custom look with your poolscape with dozens of popular acrylic colors. We can even apply acrylic to your pool deck and walkways for a cohesive look.

    Pool Deck Repair

    Cool Deck Coatings

    Concrete can become painfully hot in the summer. Want to resurface your pool deck with a new look and a much lower surface temperature? A cool deck pool coating is just what you’re looking for. Originally only available under the brand name Kool Deck, cool pool deck coatings work to reduce heat build-up by around 40%. These concrete pool deck coatings are made from a mix of white cement and marble with a textured surface with mesas and dips that prevent your foot from touching the full surface at once. Today’s cool pool deck coatings in Dayton can be applied to new or existing concrete and even stamped into beautiful patterns with a variety of color options.

    Pool Deck Repair

    Concrete Resurfacing

    If you want the most straightforward resurfacing option to make your concrete pool deck look like new again, the most cost-effective option is a resurfacing product. Basic pool deck resurfacing products are made from a cement overlay that’s fortified with polymer resins. This resurfacer, which is gray but can be tinted, will be applied over your aging concrete to give it a new surface.

    Pool deck Resurfacing Cost

    Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

    A stamped concrete overlay can give your pool deck a dramatic new look. Stamped concrete pool decks take your pool deck completely out of the realm of boring concrete by giving you the texture and rich color of a high-end material like slate, flagstone, wood planks, or pavers. Our pool deck resurfacing experts apply a thin concrete overlay to your prepared concrete pool deck. This overlay is stained with multiple concrete stains then stamped to mimic a different material with realistic texture, lines, and natural color variations. You can get the look of pavers, natural stone, or wood at a fraction of the cost.

    Pool Deck Pavers

    Stained Pool Deck

    If your concrete is only in need of a minor update, a stained concrete pool deck in Dayton can be a great option. We use permanent acid- or water-based stains to create unique and eye-catching effects ranging from mottled earth tones to rich and vibrant colors that resist fading. Stained concrete is perfect for hiding previous pool deck repair as well as minor cracks and aging. This affordable and minor resurfacing option can give your poolscape a brand new look.

    Pool Deck Resurfacing Services

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    Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

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    American Dynamic Coatings serves the greater Dayton and Fort Wayne communities with reliable pool deck resurfacing. Our service area includes the following communities in Ohio and Indiana:
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