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Rubberized floor coatings are used in a variety of different settings that all need strong, resilient, and affordable floors. Whether you need rubber floor coatings for a garage, a gym, a park, or any highly used area, we are glad to be of service. Our licensed professionals only use the highest end materials and provide them at the lowest costs around. With our rubber floor coatings, you won’t need to constantly care, replace, and remove your floors. We pride ourselves on great final products and fantastic customer service, give us a call today to get started.



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    Rubberized Floor Coating

    Professional Rubber Floor Coating

    Rubber floor coatings are becoming one of the highest rated and easiest choices for commercial, residential, and industrial areas because of their many advantages. Our contractors will ensure that the subfloor the rubber coating is being laid on is smooth, meaning, no cracks, sunken spots, or gaps within the concrete. After an inspection is completed our professionals will then ensure that your floors are free of oil, chemical, paint, water, wax, dirt, stains, or abrasions in general before laying the rubber flooring. If you are looking for a rubber surface on flooring other than concrete similar inspections are standard because it ensures that your floors are successfully completed.
    Before we begin installing your rubberized flooring, we will ensure that space has been thoroughly checked and cleaned, then the process may begin. It is a crucial decision to have a professional install your new flooring because when done right it is affordable but when done poorly you will cost yourself a lot of money, let us help you, it’s easy. If you need your rubber coating for home, park, school, office, showroom, garage, it doesn’t matter because we can efficiently and professionally get it all done. Call us now so we can answer any questions or concerns you may be having. Our professionals are waiting to hear from you right now.

    Why Choose Rubber Floor Coating?

    If durable, strong, resilient, affordable, and quick are characteristics that appeal to you then so will rubberized floor coating. This the ultimate low maintenance but high-performing flooring you will need in any room, space, or outside the area that you have.
    Rubber Coating For Concrete Floors


    Strong, tough, and rough are the best ways to describe the things a rubber floor coating can handle. When properly cared for, and the environment definitely plays a factor, your rubber floors can last up to 20 years or more. Conditions and situations vary; however, rubber floor coatings can outlast any of their counterparts.

    Simple Maintenance

    Simple Maintenance

    Rubber flooring is the easiest flooring system to maintain because they are resistant to everything your environment can throw at them. Typically, a rubber flooring system can be thoroughly cleaned with a damp mop and rarely ever need a chemical clean. If there is a home cleaner you wish to use on your floors, we suggest speaking to one of our professionals, because a strong acidic chemical could damage your flooring.

    Roll On Rubber Floor Coating

    Sound Absorbent

    Many gyms and areas that handle heavy loads use rubber flooring because it reduces the sounds of dropped items. Rubber floor coatings are also accredited for keeping areas quiet, such as businesses, because of loud shoes like heels or dress shoes that can be disturbingly loud.

    Liquid Rubber Floor Coating

    Water- Resistant

    Close to all rubberized flooring systems are resistant to moisture and water. Their ability to resist damage from water spills also helps reduce/eliminate the possibility of mold and bacteria growth within and above of the flooring. But if anything does happen or when the time comes to remove your rubber flooring, it is recyclable.

    Commercial Rubber Floor Coating


    With advancement in décor and technical advances in the mechanisms of rubber flooring, you are able to choose from many different flooring styles. Designs like, color, textures, and prints can be chosen for your rubber flooring. All industrial, residential, and commercial areas benefit from rubberized flooring systems because they offer a beautiful floor at the most affordable prices.

    Rubber Floor Coating Services

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    Service Areas

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