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Epoxy Floor

As one of the highest rated epoxy flooring companies in Dayton Ohio, we offer affordable, professional, and high-end services to all of our clients: Our licensed contractors are skilled and practiced in their field. Metallic epoxy flooring is one of the most desired flooring designs around the country and we offer it to you for an affordable price. These floors are truly pieces of art that surpass any other floor design you could be considering. To get more information, give our professionals a call today.



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    Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

    Professionally Installed Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    Metallic epoxy floors are truly pieces of artwork that can never be installed identically to another metallic epoxy floor. Their innate unique structures allow them to individualize any room in which they’re installed. Regular epoxy is installed using resin and a hardener mixture which is then set and left to cure with concrete, however metallic epoxy is a much more artistically installed and requires a professional to truly capture the essence of these floors. These floors contain metallic pigments and other ingredients that generate an incredible display of art. Metallic epoxy floor systems produce unique and aesthetically jaw-dropping floors wherever they are installed.
    Whether it be a garage, kitchen, warehouse, facility, retail, or hotel lobby, a metallic epoxy floor will be eye-catching, elegant, and quite unique. More and more businesses, large buildings, and offices are opting for metallic epoxy floors because they are strikingly beautiful, easy to maintain, and are the most affordable pieces of work compared to other flooring systems. Even homeowners are jumping on the band-wagon for metallic floors because they can transform any room in any home into one of the most beautiful areas your friends, family, and neighbors have ever seen. A metallic epoxy garage floor, when professionally installed, is one quirky way to isolate your garage from all of the rest. Wherever you’re thinking of installing your metallic epoxy floor, you can’t go wrong when you give us a call.

    Why Choose a Metallic Epoxy Floor?

    Whether you own a home, garage, basement, business, or facility where you think a metallic epoxy system can be installed, give us a call. These unique floors are highly sought after for good reason, so let us help you turn your concrete slab into a piece of art.

    Metallic Epoxy Floor Celina


    Metallic floors are an easy way to add a very modern design to any room or space where you want them. When looking for interior design options many commercial and institutional spaces are looking for metallic epoxy installers because of the “wow” factor they offer. With many different design options, including color, art, and structure, metallic epoxy flooring systems are very different from anything you’ve ever seen, and it takes a truly talented artist to professionally install these floors.

    Metallic Epoxy Floor System


    A metallic epoxy floor can be made to look three dimensional when finished. Awesome, isn’t it? Each flooring system, even if installed by the same person, can never be duplicated, so you are quite literally creating your own world with your floors. You can create a floor that looks like the ocean, the sky, or outer space. Whatever you choose, our professionals can help create a 3D illusion that has depth and character that changes the entire atmosphere of the room where it is installed.

    Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor


    If you’re simply in the market for an affordable but ordinary flooring system, a metallic epoxy flooring system is still the best choice for you. For example, a metallic epoxy floor can be made to look like regular tiles in your space but will not require the maintenance and upkeep that a regular tile floor would. Metallic epoxy can be installed in a kitchen, retail store, garage, basement, or showroom and still hold all of its incredible qualities.

    Pure Metallic Epoxy Floor

    Imperfections are Welcomed

    Typically, when installing regular epoxy floor coatings, your floors are inspected and fixed before the coating is added because it can amplify the discrepancies in your concrete; however, when a metallic epoxy floor is being installed, imperfections are just one more characteristic that turns your floor into a work of art.

    epoxy metallic Dayton Ohio


    For all of the beautiful and unique possibilities a metallic epoxy floor offers, this is the smartest investment you will make. Not only do these floors offer you unique designs but they are budget friendly and they last for decades. The epoxy coating seals off the outside world and refuses to allow harmful substances to penetrate your concrete surface, thus allowing your floors to stick around much longer than they would otherwise.

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring Services

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    The Areas We Service

    No matter where you’re thinking about installing your new metallic epoxy flooring system we are thrilled to help. We serve our Ohio clients in many different areas, so take a look below, and give us a call. Let’s discuss your future floors and let us answer any underlying questions you may have:
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