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    Are you looking to spruce up your home or increase the productivity and safety of your business? Where traditional flooring systems fail, we are here to save the day! American Dynamic Coatings has been serving the area of Dayton with decades of combined experience and coatings that have been tested and proven to perform. We are not just the average run of the mill flooring installers, we take it a step further to make sure our coatings and concrete solutions last.

    Want to know what we can do for your home or business in Dayton? We have everything you need to know about us down below!

    Epoxy Floor Coat

    Where We Can Install Flooring

    Here at American Dynamic Coatings, we know no bounds to where we can install flooring or work with concrete. From exterior to interior, industrial to residential, we know what it takes to get the job done right the first time around. We offer the full range of epoxies, concrete based coatings and repairs to all of our neighbors in Dayton Ohio. Want to see what we can do for you? We have outlined what we can bring to the major sectors down below:

    Residential: From your garage floor to your basement, our concrete coatings can get the job done. With beautiful and functional concrete coatings like rustic wood concrete or artistic overlays, we can make your home stand out from the rest.

    Commercial: Our commercial epoxy flooring systems and our polished concrete flooring systems are able to outperform any traditional flooring system on the market with unmatched durability and hygienics.

    Industrial: When it comes to industrial businesses, you shouldn’t trust any other flooring system than industrial epoxy flooring to keep your concrete protected. With a weight tolerance of up to 14,000 PSI, it can be nearly ten times stronger than concrete!

    Flooring and Concrete Solutions We Offer In Dayton

    Ever wonder just how many concrete coatings there are on the market? Well, our team of contractors has knowledge of installing most of them! From the most basic of concrete resurfacing projects to the most intricate coatings like metallic epoxy floor coatings, we know what it takes to install them correctly. Want to know about our services? Down below we have a few of our most popular services and a few of their benefits but if you want more information, take a look at our home page to see everything we offer!

    Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy flooring has been taking the nation by storm since the late 1920s when it was first used in commercial facilities. Down below you will find out why:

    • Unmatched resistance to both physical and chemical damage
    • The ability to be fully customized with mono or multi-colored flakes and even logos
    • The longest lifespan for a coating of up to 30 years when properly maintained
    Stamped Concrete Overlay

    Stamped Concrete

    Stamped concrete has been known to look good in both exterior and interior applications but down below, you can find what it has to offer:

    • We offer customizations that mimic the appearance of natural stone, pavers or bricks and even slate
    • Our high-grade sealers can keep your coating protected from water, scratches and high traffic
    • Rapid installation speeds of 2-5 days depending on the size, concrete condition and weather
    Metallic Epoxy

    Metallic Epoxy

    Metallic epoxy flooring has been making an appearance in homes and businesses across the nation for the past few years and you can find out why down below:

    • Offers coatings mimicking the appearance of lava, clouds and even waves
    • Uses the 100 percent solid epoxy base, making it as durable as industrial epoxy
    • The coating is unable to be perfectly replicated, not even by us!
    Concrete Resurfacing

    Concrete Resurfacing

    Are you tired of your concrete showing signs of its age with cracks, exposed aggregate or discoloration? We aren’t like our competitors that will tell you the only way to fix concrete is to replace it. We offer the service of concrete resurfacing that can revive your concrete with one of our beautiful and durable concrete coatings. By resurfacing your concrete, you can increase the value of your home up to 5 percent with a nearly 75 percent return investment.

    Concrete Polishing

    Concrete Polishing

    Concrete polishing is the bang for your buck flooring system. While it doesn’t offer resistance to physical damage it offers more than enough protection against water, heavy foot or vehicle traffic and scratches. What makes polished concrete so affordable is the fact that it doesn’t require a coating so your costs are mostly for labor! With the affordable upfront cost, low maintenance and the fact the flooring lasts a lifetime, polished concrete flooring is the most affordable flooring solution on the market.

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    Here at American Dynamic Coatings, we hold strong to the belief that a contractor is only as good as his work. We have taken the time to train and become knowledgeable in all things concrete. Want to know what we can do for you? Down below you will find what we offer but the other guys don’t.
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