Garage Epoxy:

An Investment In The Future

Many people do not realize the importance of a garage floor until they’re cleaning or replacing the surface. Epoxy flooring is the toughest and most durable coating you can apple in any commercial or residential garage. These garage floor coatings are quickly growing in popularity because of their ease in application and maintenance. Epoxy offers different solid types of colors, seamless designs, and incredibly eye-catching patterns that will turn your garage into a must-see.
So, what is epoxy flooring?
An epoxy flooring solution is not a paint, it is a coating. This coating is part thermosetting resin and part hardener, when both elements are mixed the hardener acts as a catalyst, thus strengthening the overall floor as it cures with your concrete surface. Unlike garage floor paints, epoxy garage flooring creates a bond with your concrete that will not lift, crack, discolor, or peel away.
Benefits of epoxy flooring

It cannot be overstated enough; epoxy garage floors turn ordinary flooring solutions into 5-star showrooms. The level of diversity, design, and innovativeness that has led us to where we are today with epoxy floors has created beautifully elegant and insanely resistant surfaces.

The coating works on hiding any type of imperfection your garage floor would have all the while creating a seamless surface. Foot traffic, hot tires, dust, debris, vehicle fluids, oils, chemicals, and so much more have zero impact on the epoxy floor itself. Dust and debris can be easily swept or mopped away.

An epoxy surface is anti-slip, fire, scratch, impact, moisture, and more! The surface creates a sterile environment that is uninhabitable by microbes. Because of its ability to resist massive amounts of different types of damages, your epoxy floor will last for many years.

Maintenance for an epoxy floor is minimal, thus, you do not have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars over the years on special cleaners and repairs. The savings you earn back after investing in an epoxy garage floor are incredible and the rise in your property value will have you rushing to get it installed right now!

In Conclusion
An epoxy garage floor, whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial garage, offers incredible amounts of savings in time and money. If you want a floor that lasts, you want an epoxy surface.