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Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

New & Improved Flooring

If you are looking for a new concrete coating for your garage floor, we think now is the perfect time to ditch the concrete paint! There are so many amazing options available in the garage flooring market today and we are not talking about industrial rubber tiles or carpet. We are talking about garage floor epoxy and not the stuff you get at your local hardware store. The epoxy industry has been taking massive leaps in innovation over the last couple of years and there are some things that we think you should know about. So, down below, we will be talking about some of the best garage floor epoxy systems and what they have to offer. So let’s get started.
Epoxy Flake Flooring
While everyone knows about epoxy flake floors, they have been given more options than ever before. While most of us are used to the standard gray base with black and white flakes, contractors are now offering the full-color spectrum for base coat colors and have introduced the option of have monocolored or multi-colored flakes installed in the system. We have also found that not many homeowners know the function of the flakes in this system other than the attractive finish they offer. The flakes in flaked broadcast systems are used to give the epoxy texture, hence making the flooring safer and easier to walk on when it becomes wet or soiled, making it the perfect option for at-home mechanics and weekend hobbyists.
Metallic Epoxy Systems
Metallic epoxy floor coatings have been one of the hottest topics on social media for quite some time. With the growing popularity in these coatings comes more contractors becoming trained and educated in installing the coating which has drastically decreased the pricing of the system; from nearly 20 dollars a square foot to almost 12 dollars a square foot. So what makes metallic epoxy? Well, metallic epoxy is a 100% solid epoxy system that has an additive of metallic pigmentation that is then manipulated after it is laid on the floor with solvents, brushes, blowers, and trowels. With these forms of manipulation, metallic epoxy can take on the look of waves, clouds, and even lava.
3D Epoxy Systems
One of the newest forms of garage floor epoxy systems is the 3D epoxy system. 3D epoxies are achieved by laying down a layer of self-leveling primer, installing the desired image and placing a clear epoxy system right over the image to keep it protected in the garage. What makes the 3D epoxy system so unique is its ability to choose a 3D floor design, color, and pattern and amplify its effect with an epoxy which will make the room appear visibly larger than it really is. This coating will implement the imagination of the designer (you) and will endlessly attract attention.
Quartz Epoxies
Just like flaked broadcast epoxy systems, quartz epoxy systems are used to create a finish that is high on traction but thanks to the multi-layer process of installation, quartz epoxies are one of the strongest flooring systems on the market. These coatings are used in both commercial and residential garages for their resistance to impacts, abrasions, UV stability, chemicals, and temperature flexibility. Quartz epoxy also offers a wide range of customization with an endless amount of base color selection and an even wider choice of quartz pigments.