The Basics of

Garage Floor Epoxy

An epoxy garage floor application process can be a bit timing consuming if you aren’t hiring a professional. This type of installation is recommended to be completed by two people because the coating, once mixed and activated, needs to be applied quickly. If the garage area is large, two installers can help minimize the margin of error by covering the entire surface quickly. Some of the recommendations about the installation below are very generalized and it is important to always consult the manual provided with your DIY kit.
Inspect the floors:
Always make note of any dips, cracks, chips, or sunken areas on the surface because they need to be repaired before you can install the epoxy surface. If there are any old sealers or paints on the surface, they must be removed, or your epoxy coating will not cure properly with the substrate.
A professional would do this without you knowing but if you’re performing the installation it is important to remember to test for moisture levels. If the surface is too wet the epoxy won’t take. Things like efflorescence, a white powder, can be indicators of moisture levels being too high. There are products epoxy manufacturers produce that are great moisture indicators.

The surface must be cleaned! Once you have inspected the area and tested for moisture, clean the surface properly. An epoxy floor will only be successful if the floor is free from grease stains, oil deposits, dirt, and debris.

Whatever epoxy flooring surface you decide to have installed or install will provide an incredible floor! The surfaces below are only some of the many different types of designs an epoxy floor can offer you.

Metallic epoxy garage flooring
If you want to spruce up your garage to look like it belongs in a billionaire’s home, metallic flooring is here for you! Not only do these floors produce 3D illusions, but they are also incredibly long-lasting, and one of a kind all the way around. A metallic epoxy surface is resistant to staining, scratching, chemical breakdowns, and so much more. With a floor like this, colors and pictures are manipulated to ensure a design that can never be duplicated.
Flake epoxy garage flooring
A flake epoxy surface creates a granite appearing surface that is extremely affordable. The flakes applied can be different colors and can be applied in unique and distinct ways to create snowfall on your surface. Flake epoxy floors are highly resistant to vehicle fluids and oil stains, perfect for any garage that stores your vehicle.

For those of us who are a little more reserved and who like one solid-colored design, epoxy has you covered too. With a truly epoxy surface, your floors can be one bright and beautiful solid color. Whether you want a bright solid color or a toned-down solid color, epoxy can deliver!