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Benefits Of

Epoxy Floor

When you make the switch to an epoxy flooring system, you should be delighted in the fact that you have made an investment in flooring that come full of wonderful benefits that no other flooring system is able to provide. Today, we are going to go over only a few of the many amazing benefits of epoxy flooring, starting with the benefit of unmatched durability.
Epoxy flooring is one of the strongest if not the strongest flooring option on the market when we use our high-quality materials mixed with our decades of experience of installing epoxy flooring. When you use us, your epoxy flooring will be able to handle some serious abuse such as impact from a variety of objects, the use of heavy machinery and will even resist the effects of heavy foot and vehicle traffic without showing signs of this extreme use for over 20 years! Epoxy flooring also has the ability to make the actual concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger than a bare concrete slab! Remember, only use professional installation if you want the full strength of epoxy flooring.
Another amazing benefit of having an epoxy flooring system installed is the sheer amount and variety of customization that can be applied to an epoxy flooring to make the flooring system truly yours. We offer a huge selection of base colors, we can use multi-colored or single colored flakes or we can even use metallic pigments to create a stunning flooring system known as a metallic epoxy floor. There are even options for the store owner and extreme enthusiast! We can place your store’s emblem or your favorite brand’s logo directly into the flooring system itself, so you can promote your brand or show how proud you are of your favorite team or car manufacturer!
Have you ever wondered why so many garages use epoxy flooring? It seems as if every other garage you take a gander in has an epoxy flooring system in place, and it is for good reason. Most garages use epoxy flooring for its chemical and stain resistance. Many garages store or even use harsh chemicals on a daily basis so it would only make sense to have a chemical resistant flooring in place and epoxy flooring is just that! This is because epoxy flooring offers an extremely resilient top coat that isolates the chemical; and all moisture, on the top coat so it can be easily cleaned up and disposed of. Because epoxy flooring isolates all moisture on its top coat, you won’t have to worry about the epoxy flooring or concrete slab absorbing these chemicals. Besides causing stains, chemicals that are absorbed by the concrete slab can cause some real trouble.
While these are only a few of the benefits that you stand to gain from using an epoxy flooring system, these benefits alone are enough for most clients to make the switch. If you wish to learn more about epoxy flooring or have questions about a specific type of epoxy flooring, please make sure to call us today!