The Growing Trend of Epoxy

Floors in Interior Design

The use of epoxy floors has become a growing trend in recent years. Offering truly custom, one-of-a-kind flooring solutions, there truly is nothing else available on the market quite like epoxy flooring. Epoxy delivers great custom design options with regards to colors, designs, and patterns, easy cleanup and maintenance and a whole host of other great benefits. These perks have led to a significant increase in the number of epoxy floors installed in homes in Dayton and elsewhere in the U.S. We’re sure there’s something out there in the epoxy flooring world that you’re sure to fall in love with.
Let’s walk you through just a handful of the amazing benefits and opportunities that you may want to consider when looking to find a new solution for your interior floors and why interior designers are now turning to epoxy floor coatings.
Infinite Design Opportunities
With an endlessly vast array of designs, colors, and styles all easily available at your fingertips, the design possibilities of epoxy flooring are as infinite as your imagination. While historically most people have tended to think of cold, sterile environments such as garage floors, industrial environments, hospital corridors, or even perhaps fancy hotel lobbies when it comes to epoxy flooring, it should be made absolutely clear that epoxy flooring can be applied just about anywhere. More and more people around the country are beginning to realize the amazing opportunities afforded to them by the use of epoxy floors for their home’s interior spaces than ever before, thanks in part to the unique design opportunities it can provide.
  • Sleek, solid colors
  • Epoxy flake that resembles granite
  • Custom patterns and effects
  • The look of stone tile without the care
  • Metallic epoxy that resembles molten metal
  • Logos and images
Easily Installed
You may be thinking that a lot of heavy work goes into installing epoxy flooring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. All that’s required is for the top level of your concrete floor to be prepared before the epoxy resin is poured over the top and left to cure. It really is that simple and easy, and much more affordable than some other popular flooring options. Professional epoxy installers can deliver your new floor within one day.
  • The floor is prepped with diamond grinding
  • Stains are lifted from the surface
  • An epoxy primer is applied
  • The multi-layer liquid epoxy system is installed
  • The epoxy is allowed to cure!
Great for Kids
Slip Resistant Epoxy Flooring
How about considering an epoxy floor for your kids’ rooms? With an infinite range of color and pattern opportunities, you can easily find something great and colorful that your kids are sure to love. Perhaps you can choose their favorite colors in a swirling pattern, stripes, or checkerboard? Or maybe their favorite characters from tv? Maybe you want something nice and regal for your little princess? The sky is truly the limit.
  • Easy to clean up and sweep
  • Kid-friendly colors and designs
  • Hygienic and slip-resistant
  • Nonporous surface guards against spills
Stunning White Flooring
White Epoxy Flooring
While it may not be the first thought on everyone’s mind, a crisp, clean white epoxy floor may be the right option for you if you want to really make everything pop. After all, there’s a reason art galleries have been doing it for all these years. And don’t you worry about any spills or stains, either; as epoxy flooring is nonporous, if anything does happen to spill, all it requires is a simple wiping up and the universe is at one again. There’s nothing quite like the sleek beauty of a white, seamless floor to make modern or mid-century design pop, too!
  • Makes your decor pop
  • Makes your home seem larger and brighter
  • Perfect for mid-century and modern design
  • Incredibly stain-resistant
Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean
Besides its stunning appearance and limitless custom design opportunities, there is one other amazing factor that comes with epoxy flooring that helps it stand above the rest: it’s super easy to clean and keep maintained. Any spills that come along need only be treated with some water and mopped up and that’s all. Interior designers have been increasingly turning to epoxy flooring for clients who want a sleek and stunning design without the upkeep of hardwood.
  • Can be swept and mopped with ease
  • Nonporous and seamless
  • Very resistant to stains and abrasion
  • Resists damage from chemicals and heat in the kitchen
The bottom line is if you want a luxury flooring system installed in your garage without having to dig deep into your savings, there is only one option that outshines the rest, garage floor epoxy! Now that you know everything there is to a garage epoxy, we wish you well on all of your home improvement projects to come!
Integrate Logos & Designs
One other amazing benefit of epoxy flooring is the ability to integrate your business’s logo, or any kind of artwork for that matter, into the floor with stunning results. Integrating your business logo or branding into the floor can help to increase brand awareness tenfold, while still installing a great, durable, and attractive floor that your customers or other visitors are sure to be impressed by. For a kids room, epoxy can incorporate your child’s favorite characters or a beautiful scene or mural while sports logos are popular for the garage.
  • Incredibly easy to customize
  • Add a business logo
  • Incorporate your favorite sport’s team logo
  • Add characters and murals to the floor