The Importance of

Professional Installation

It is easy to assume that because you can purchase a DIY epoxy flooring kit that it is a simple one-step process; however, a successful epoxy flooring installation takes meticulous attention to detail and extreme concentration from start to finish. Epoxy floors, unless properly handled, will not only crumble quickly, they simply will not be protective throughout their short lifespan! The point here? Hire a professional, epoxy flooring installation requires more than one person who is as equally dedicated to the best results, it requires materials and equipment everyone may not have, and it can be expensive if it is not completed correctly the first time around. So, why should you invest in hiring a professional, instead of purchasing some kit off of the shelves?
It’s More Than It Looks
A proper epoxy flooring installation requires a step-by-step process that is more than a simple spread and let dry. Moisture testing has to be done efficiently and correctly because if something is missed then your coating will not cure with your substrate and they will be an expensive mess to clean up! Cracks, dips, and chips need to be repaired prior to installation and post repairs; you need to clean the surface properly because any extra debris will inhibit the epoxy from curing with the concrete surface.
Perfect Surfaces
Sometimes people forget, spreading a coating doesn’t just make it even. No, if you spread the epoxy too thinly on one side and too thick on another side, the concrete will not only have less protection on some sides, it will wear quicker in different areas, making a very uneven surface.
When you hire a professional company, their decisions, or lack thereof, are backed up by warranties! If something is missed, damaged, or completed unsuccessfully you don’t have to spend another hundred dollars trying to get it repaired!
The Right Materials Are Important
Don’t be fooled, not all epoxy is the same, and only a professional can really explain the differences to ensure your floor gets the best it needs for what it is exposed too. Different types of epoxy floors require different mixing types and it can get a little confusing unless you’ve had the proper training to truly distinguish between different levels of flooring protection.
Variety Is with The Pros
An epoxy floor can be installed with many different types of appearances, patterns, and textures! Don’t get caught up in having just one type of floor. Concrete does not have to be grey, dull, or boring! With a professional you can choose from solid colors like a standard one-color surface, you can have it be a high gloss surface that will increase elegance and reflectivity. Other epoxy surfaces can appear to mimic other materials, like granite, and some, like metallic epoxy flooring, can create 3D illusions right on your concrete floor!
Durability Won’t Be Compromised
Finally, epoxy is known for its ability to resist damages from all types of environments. An epoxy coating is innately strong and resistant but its ability to resist depends on the installer, don’t let that pressure fall on your shoulders, call a professional