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Tips For Maintaining Your

Epoxy Flooring

So you have finally made the wise decision and invested into your home or business by installing an epoxy flooring system. Now what? Well, today we are going to take a look into how you can maintain you epoxy flooring in ways that can make the process more efficient and so that no hiccups happen. Remember, before you do any type of cleaning to the epoxy flooring, always wait at least 24 hours before even walking on the surface of the epoxy and 72 hours before vehicles or heavy objects are placed on the epoxy.
We will always suggest that no major cleaning takes place until the epoxy flooring has cured for the full 72 hour wait time as any heavy traffic or sweeping can make the epoxy lift or buckle. But feel more than welcome to remove any large chunks of debris that fall onto the surface of the epoxy flooring as objects left too long on the curing epoxy flooring may leave an imprint.
So you’ve waited the 72 hours and maybe even more, now what am I suppose to do? Well, the whole cleaning process is going to begin with a sweeping of the floor to remove all loose debris, dirt or dust particles. Always use a soft bristle broom with a shaggy material as bristles or even use a dust mop to remove these particles. There are two reasons why you should never use a stiff bristle brush to sweep the floor. First off, stiff bristle brooms are not ideal for tiny particles of filth and stiff bristle brooms can actually leave mynute scratches in the surface of the epoxy that can be unsightly if light reflects off the surface.
Once the surface of the epoxy flooring has been thoroughly swept, the process of mopping the epoxy floor can begin. You won’t need any fancy equipment for this task, just a standard wet mop. When mopping an area, make sure not to focus too much on a single area as you may dull the clear coat from overworking. When mopping, you may also use chemical additives if you desire but you must always test the chemical before it is applied across the entire floor. To test the chemical, mask off a tiny area in either a corner of a room or an area that is going to be covered or out of sight. Apply a splash of the chemical and let it sit on the epoxy floor for about 5 minutes. If the chemical turns the top coat cloudy, do not use it on the epoxy floor, if nothing happens, you are good to go.
In areas that have access to hoses, there is a special way you can clean your epoxy flooring. If you have epoxy flooring in an area that can get wet you can actually use the hose to wash down your epoxy. There are some rules you must abide by when doing this though. Always make sure that the water never exceeds 115 degrees Fahrenheit and always make sure that you keep the hose moving as you may dull the flooring, especially when there is high water pressure.