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    Angie's List

    Epoxy Flooring Vandalia, Ohio

    We are proud to bring our services to all of our neighbors in Vandalia, Ohio! We strive to provide nothing less than the best in epoxy flooring with every job that we finish. Our customers deserve a flooring system that they will love and can afford.

    Epoxy Flooring Pros is the place if you are looking for an honest and experienced concrete coating contractor. Our salesman Brant Ebbing was very hard-working in making sure that we understand everything that was happening. He explains the purpose of every procedure and answers all our questions and concerns. His crew would always come in early and worked tirelessly until the goal is achieved and as well as keen with directions. His transparency gave me a peace of mind seeing where my money is going. If you are looking for honesty and experience, Brant got your back ?
    Paul Johnson
    The Epoxy Flooring Pros really knocked it out of the park with this project. From start to finish the crew were working hard and taking names. My epoxy flooring looks great and was installed quickly. Really great work.
    Cora Wells
    Our family run this small metal work manufacturing business and I’m in charge of the payroll and employee’s safety. My big concern there is when everyone is into the zone and the workplace starts to get messy with metal bits and drops of oil and grease, it’s just an accident waiting to happen. I try to be proactive and provide solution even before the problem occurs and the industrial grade epoxy floor coating that Epoxy Flooring Pros installed helped a lot in keeping the workplace a safe place to work on. They finished the job fast and well! This is one of the best improvements made in the production line.
    Remy Cilnt

    Andy Carlos
    Pricing was my first preference hence I did compare with couple of other people before going ahead with these guys. It is very economical and also I realized that work was not compromised in any way. They delivered what was agreed upon initially. My Kitchen, Patio & Garage all look so new and now I need to consider renovating other areas of my home to match these. Great work guys and thank you so much.
    Mike Graham
    I thought about doing a DYI garage floor epoxy, But I am so happy I left it to the pro’s. No mess, looks perfect.
    Ron Humphrey
    I can’t say enough good things about Brant and his staff at Epoxy Flooring Pros. I don’t need to spend so much time sourcing for other epoxy flooring contractors when I need something creative done with concrete or a custom resurfacing detail to a patio or pool deck. They have the best installers, epoxy and concrete resurfacing on the market!
    Arda Olly
    Love the look of my new epoxy concrete floor, this is so much better than tiles or bare concrete. The material is highly durable and stylish, I don’t think it’s going to chip off quickly or go out of fashion sooner. Thank you for this beautiful makeover, and to my friend who suggested Epoxy Flooring Pros.
    Esmeralda Millicent,
    A friend of ours recommended these guys as he was very satisfied with them, and how they installed his decorative epoxy floor. We called them and they offered to give us a free estimate. They were so friendly and definitely knew what they were doing. After discussing our idea with them – we hired them immediately to do our garage epoxy. They did an amazing job! If you want your epoxy flooring to be done by true professionals – hire them!
    Jennifer Massey
    Epoxy Flooring Pros did a fine work in restoring our wooden floor back to its glory days. They applied the wood stamped concrete very seamlessly. It really brought the life back to our old ancestral home. These guys are very professional and really know what they’re doing. ??
    Decker Patton,

    Concrete Coatings and Epoxy Flooring in Vandalia, Ohio

    Trust the Experts on Epoxy Flooring

    Gorgeous Concrete Coatings

    Reliable Local Company!

    We are a trusted concrete coating business located in Ohio focusing on epoxy flooring and concrete resurfacing. We provide our services to both residential and commercial clients. Our experts can help you give your concrete a new life through colors, textures, and increased performance.
    Our epoxy flooring comes in an endless array of design options to allow you total customizable control. From garages and basements to warehouses and hospitals, our concrete coating solutions can be used virtually anywhere! These durable flooring options can last over 20 years when installed and maintained properly.
    We also offer concrete resurfacing options such as concrete polishing to bring a fresh look to your tired, worn concrete. Our team of highly-skilled professionals has been trained extensively to handle any scale project for our valued customers. They are fully equipped to help you design a floor that you can be proud of without breaking the bank in the process. When you want quality flooring solutions, we’re the company to turn to.

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    Epoxy Flooring

    The most durable and long-lasting flooring on the market!
    Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy flooring is one of the most versatile flooring solutions that you can have in your home or business. The various color, texture, and pattern options lead to a nearly limitless assortment of designs that can be created. When installed and maintained properly, epoxy floors can last for 20 years or more! This concrete coating also comes in a variety of types to suit your specific needs, including standard epoxy, metallic epoxy, and decorative flake epoxy.
    Standard epoxy is the most common form and comes in various colors that can be patterned into geometric shapes and designs on the floor. Metallic epoxy has metallic pigments mixed into the resin to create unique designs that can’t be duplicated. Decorative flake epoxy contains colored flakes in the resin that can come in several different sizes and volumes depending on your preference. Decorative flakes add a level of slip-resistance to your flooring as well. This durable flooring solution is resistant to impacts, abrasions, chemicals, moisture, and staining. It’s quite difficult to damage an epoxy floor that has been professionally installed. No matter your flooring needs, there’s an epoxy coating that can help you!

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    Residential Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Coatings

    Protect your home with decorative concrete coatings!

    If your home is in Vandalia, Ohio and you’re looking to upgrade your concrete flooring, we have the solution for you. Our concrete coatings are the perfect addition to your home. We have years of experience applying different types of decorative concrete coatings for local homeowners. Below, you can see some of the various concrete coating services that we provide.

    We offer a large selection of services to residents of the Vandalia area:
    • Basement Floor Epoxy: Never worry again about replacing your floor in the event of your basement flooding. When coated with durable epoxy, your basement will be able to resist water damage while making your basement beautiful at the same time!
    • Garage Floor Epoxy: Whether you want your garage to look a glistening showroom or if it’s a tough workspace, epoxy coatings can help you achieve your goal. These tough coatings can resist harsh car chemicals like oil, gas, and antifreeze without leaving unsightly stains.
    • Wood Stamped Concrete: Hardwood flooring looks great in any home. However, it comes with a plethora of problems like it’s susceptibility to water damage, staining, and difficult maintenance. We can replace your hardwood with wood stamped concrete so that you can have the beauty of wood with the durability of concrete.
    Residential Epoxy Flooring
    • Metallic Epoxy Flooring: This unique, one-of-a-kind flooring is created by adding metallic pigments during the mixing process. They can be manipulated to create fantastic designs or mimic scenes from nature such as the rippling current of the ocean!
    • Rubber Floor Coatings: If you want a concrete coating that’s built to last, a rubber floor coating could be perfect for you. These coatings are perfect for garages and workspaces thanks to their inherent resistance to impact, extreme temperature, water, and chemicals.
    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Your garage is more than a place to park the car. It’s the first room you step into when you get home and the last one you walk through when you leave. Shouldn’t it be a room that you can be proud of? We can help you create a floor for your garage that is as beautiful as it is tough. If you want your garage to shine like a showroom floor, we offer beautiful metallic epoxy that can give you the unique sheen and colorful designs that you’re looking for.

    If you prefer a garage that is more of a place to work in, allow us to install decorative flakes that add another layer of safety with slip resistance. Our garage floor coatings are designed to take a beating. They can resist heavy impacts without leaving damage. If you drop a tool in your garage with epoxy floors, you’re more likely to break the tool than damage the floor. Never worry about stains from spilled oil, simply mop it up when you have one of our tough coatings. No matter your needs, we can find a coating that’s right for you.

    Concrete Polishing & Resurfacing

    A lasting solution for your concrete floor in Vandalia.
    Concrete Polishing

    Concrete polishing is an affordable solution to many problems that are present in untreated concrete. Untreated concrete is porous and susceptible to cracks and staining. Polishing the concrete will make it less porous and safer while making it highly attractive as well! We can polish your concrete quickly and efficiently to make your space safer and beautiful!

    We offer a wide variety of concrete resurfacing options to suit your needs. From concrete overlays and pavers to stamped concrete, we can take your old, damaged concrete and turn it into something to be excited about! We offer numerous cost-effective solutions to resurface existing concrete in Vandalia to make it look better than ever. Depending on the option that you choose, we can give your concrete new texture and color or even transform it to look like a different material altogether. We serve both commercial and residential clients with dependable concrete resurfacing services. As long as your concrete is still structurally sound, we can resurface it to suit your specific needs. With the most affordable prices on the market and the best quality in the business, you can count on us!

    Here are a few of the benefits of our concrete polishing and resurfacing services:
    • Longevity: Polishing unfinished concrete and resurfacing existing concrete can both add decades to your concrete floor when they’re properly executed and maintained.
    • Waterproof: Polished concrete is inherently waterproof so there’s no worry of your floor sustained damage from moisture. When combined with a sealer, our resurfacing options also resist water well.
    • Affordability: If you’re looking for an inexpensive method for finishing your concrete floor, concrete polishing is perfect! When it comes to resurfacing, you can save thousands by avoiding an expensive tear-out and replacement.
    • Customizability: Both concrete polishing and our resurfacing options allow customers to fully customize their floor. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to our concrete resurfacing options.
    • Easy Maintenance: After finishing your concrete with our resurfacing options, maintenance will never be tedious again. Your concrete will be less porous, reducing the chance of staining and moisture issues.
    • Safety: Allowing concrete to deteriorate unprotected can lead to various dangerous hazards. By polishing concrete or resurfacing old, damaged concrete, you can have a safer space to enjoy.
    Garage Floor Epoxy Dayton

    Our Service Areas

    Our trusted, local company is proud to serve Vandalia, Ohio home and business owners. Here are some of the other great areas that we serve:
    • Coldwater
    • Van Wert
    • Fort Wayne
    • Dayton
    • Celina
    • St. Henry
    • Greenville


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